"ROMANCE" Poster by Sonya Sombreuil , with poem by Elaine Kahn
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"ROMANCE" Poster by Sonya Sombreuil , with poem by Elaine Kahn

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Two-color silk-screened 11" x 17" poster designed by Sonya Sombreuil with a poem by Elaine Kahn.

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Sonya Sombreuil is an LA-based painter and runs the label COME TEES.

Elaine Kahn is the author of Romance or The End (Soft Skull, 2020) and Women in Public (City Lights, 2015). She teaches at the Poetry Field School.

[Image Description: A red and black graphic poster on a black background.
Within the poster, figures and shapes drawn in bright crimson dazzle against a black background, in linework ranging from murky smudges to precise scratches to thick gestural strokes. In the center, a child with large eyes and a snub nose appears in profile, holding up a skull whose empty orbits stare intently back at its fleshy foil. Above this scene, symbols and objects are layered in a surreal synthesis. They include two long lashed-eyes, a sun with waving rays, a hand with its palm out and fingers spread commandingly, a large “X”, and small doll or effigy with dark eyes and rounded limbs. Red cracks appear throughout the entire composition, some thin, some wide and gaping. An arm appears to reach out from between the boy and the skull, grasping the ground in the bottom center of the image; small white smudges denote fingernails. Next to this, a humanoid, breasted cat appears to fly upwards in an anime-pose, one leg bent forward at the knee and arms thrown behind its body. It looks back over its shoulder, eyes gleaming with touches of white. Red flames erupt from the right margin behind the cat and trail up behind the head of the boy. At the top and bottom of this red and black scene, white pixelated text proclaims: [white] "ROMANCE WHEN I TELL MYSELF A STORY I DECIDE THE END".]