[Image description: Black objects and text are arranged neatly against a white background, with even space between them. Drawn flowers, some abstract, some realistic, can be found throughout the image, along with a chicken foot; a dagger, a line of stars, a globe encircled by a crown and a halo of rays, a pair of calipers, a row of stitches, an oblong, tattoo-like, thorny braid, and a geometric, architectural roundel. In the upper right, the [SIQ] logo, angular and calligraphic, is set in a feminine, ribboned oval frame. A chain hangs from this frame, and a geometric symbol - two interlocked lenses - is suspended from it. To the left of the logo, the word [MOURN] is written. Below this, in the center-left, the word [ILL] is spelled in square letters vertically down the page; separated by the tattoo braid, the reflection of this word appears in pointellated font against the left margin. Below this, [FLAMES] is written under the line of stars; and just to the right, [BIBLIOTHECA] is circled. [THEY], inscribed in some medieval font under the chicken foot, separates the framed words [Patient Advocacy], which has a delicate, hatched border, and [FROM MANY FIELDS], which has a thick, black, rounded border.]