Please remember to keep your microphones muted unless you are speaking. We understand these topics can be heavy and encourage participants to take breaks as needed. If you are triggered/activated, or your accessibility needs are not being met during the meeting, please contact one of the co-hosts and we will try our best to accommodate. 

We request that everyone observe the following guidelines, created to foster the smooth running and safety of the meeting.

Zoom Etiquette

Please set your name on Zoom to the name that you RSVP’d with so we can keep track of attendance. If you are comfortable doing so, please add your pronouns to your Zoom name. 

    • On your computer, to rename yourself during the call, click “…” ➡︎ “Rename”
    • On your phone, hit participants, and select your name
    Please set your Zoom view to the Gallery view, in case one of our peers signals for the speaker to slow down or provides a trigger warning.
      • On your computer, click “View” in the top right corner ➡︎ “Gallery”
      • On your phone, swipe either right or left

      We are not recording this event. We ask that everyone also does not record the event. Please do not share the Zoom link, as we require everyone to RSVP.

      We request that everyone have their video on unless doing activities that may distract. If this conflicts with your access needs, please message the host in the chat. Attendees who don’t respect this request after being reminded will be asked to leave the meeting.

      For the sake of access, if someone in the meeting is talking too fast, please utilize the reaction feature “slow down” [⬅︎ in a light grey circle], and deselect when resolved OR please message Dove.

      • On the computer, it’s on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen
      • On the phone, click “...” in the bottom right corner of the screen and select “Slow Down” [⬅︎ in a light grey circle]

      Please respect the anonymity of those who share with us today. What is said here, stays here, in the effort of maintaining confidentiality and privacy for our community. Gossip is damaging and can lead to relapse. We encourage you to take what you need and leave the rest to the internet Æther!

      If you feel unsafe in this space at any time as a result of someone’s actions or presence, please privately message one of the SiQ hosts. All SiQ hosts will have a SiQ green background or a title in their names on Zoom.

      If you have any questions, please privately message one of the SiQ hosts. All SiQ Co-hosts will have a title in their names on Zoom.

      Anonymity reminds us to place principles before personalities.  We are conscious of helping one another preserve anonymity.  If you are sharing physical space with others, please consider using headphones so that audio remains private.  We ask that you not screenshot or record any part of the meeting.  We strive to maintain an environment where personal and honest shares can occur, and stay solely between those present at the meeting. Anyone who cannot commit to these guidelines will be asked to leave the meeting.

      This space is intended to provide members and supporters of the disability community the opportunity to connect and talk about death, grief, and mourning, without fear of silencing, ridicule or judgment. If you do not identify as an ally to the disability community, please be respectful by exiting the space.