LIMITED EDITION : 'SiQ Butterfly' T-Shirt by Somer Stampley, dyed by Dove ER* - #1, Size L
Sick In Quarters, nonbirdbody

LIMITED EDITION : 'SiQ Butterfly' T-Shirt by Somer Stampley, dyed by Dove ER* - #1, Size L

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White short sleeve Gildan Softstyle t-shirt with chartreuse green and light pink design by Somer Stampley. Silkscreen print. Naturally hand-dyed with rust and white oak acorns by nonbirdbody (Dove ER*).

Marked size Large (L). One of a kind.

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All funds raised through this limited edition merch drop will go toward sustaining SiQ’s very small and unpaid core team through our various personal emergencies and ongoing expenses, such as housing, food access, and medical bills.

We're offering sliding scale pricing in an effort to make our merch more accessible within this emergency fundraiser. Come as you are and pay what feels comfortable at this time, no questions asked!

For the lower end of our pricing, use the code SIQ30 at checkout (all caps). For the mid-range of our pricing, use the code SIQ15 at checkout (all caps). Payment plans and shipping price are available at checkout. Tax is included.

If you have any questions about our sliding scale offerings, please email 

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image description : a t-shirt is suspended on a pale pink and pale green blurred colorfield background. The shirt is photographed straight-on with its short sleeves fanned outwards with the fabric flat against an invisible surface edited out, with two wooden clothespins fixing it in place at the top of either short sleeve casting a harsh shadow along the collar area. The t-shirt features a chartreuse green and bubblegum pink silkscreen printed design by Somer Stampley, and the shirt is naturally dyed with streaks of rust and a ghostly grey in a horizontal accordion fold pattern visible across the bottom half of the shirt. The printed design includes a green frame dotted with white stars surrounding a pink square dotted with green stars. In the center of the graphic design is an illustration that blends a moth with a stylized face. The eyes are full of stars, the wings are rippled at the edge like hair or flames. Two tiny hands and two tiny green boots peek out from the edges of the wings and point towards the corners.