"UNTITLED" Poster by Justin Sloane, with poem by Jen Fisher
Sick In Quarters

"UNTITLED" Poster by Justin Sloane, with poem by Jen Fisher

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Two-color silk-screened 11" x 17" poster by Justin Sloane, with a poem by Jen Fisher. 

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Jen Fisher
Born in Florida in 1981

Lives in NYC

[Image description: scan of a multi-media portrait-oriented print which includes elements of text, photos, and graphic design. The entirety of the piece is printed in black on white background except for a rectangular space in the middle of the page where 17 small dainty wildflowers of different kinds have been edited to fit next to each other horizontally. The flowers are all printed in the same light green color, have thin stems and small leaves, and are varying heights and shapes. above the flowers is a landscape-oriented rectangular graphic design of 24 small black circles which outline the border of the rectangle; inside the border of circles are a bunch of thin black dashed lines all radiating out from a circular blank space that looks very celestial. The bottom quarter of the scan contains two side by side rectangles. The one on the left is made up of a thick border of one long thin squiggly continuous line that mimics the way a ribbon might move/fall, there is nothing in the center of the rectangular border. The other rectangle is an inverted black and white photo of what looks to be a shattered window/glass of some kind; the colors are inverted so the majority of the photo is black and the crack marks are all white. The rest of the space on the page is filled by black bold uppercase text which rectangularly spirals inward towards the central flowers and rectangle design. from the top left, the text reads, "BOILING LIGHT BOILS OVER," "A PANTING BREATH," "RELEASE SMOKE FROM FIRE," "IN BELLY TURNS SHARPENED EYES OPEN WIDE LEGS SPREAD GODDESS INCASED," "IN BODY ACHES," "THE SUMMIT OF HER BREASTS POOLED IN TEARS," "CRYING IS A RELEASE TO BREAK THE BROKEN." Each of these phrases is separated by various different small, simple black symbols including several flowers, a butterfly, a spiky circular ring, and a wide, short black rectangle.]